SystemTools Exporter Pro

SystemTools Exporter Pro 2.5

Supports creating delimited text output files of different system elements
2.5 (See all)
SystemTools Software Inc.

One common system administration task is to build reports of various Windows computer and Active Directory configurations. However, Windows lacks any built in method to address most reporting needs, and scripting solutions can often be time consuming and difficult to implement.

SystemTools Exporter Pro supports creating delimited text output files of dozens of different system elements, which can be imported into any database or spreadsheet program, including Microsoft Access or Excel.

Exporter Pro currently provides output of:

- Services
- Computers
- Shares
- Disk Space
- Printers
- Windows NT users and groups
- Local workstation users and groups
- Security settings for files, shares, printers, services, and registry
- WMI information
- Files and directories, including version information
- Registry, including 64-bit
- Active Directory, including user photos
- Network settings (tcp/ip address, network cards, etc.)
- Scheduled Tasks
- User Rights
- Account and audit policies
- Logged on users
- File server sessions
- Terminal Server sessions and processes
- Open Files

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